Why Recycle, Why Not Donate?
Before donating a computer or other electronics, make sure it is reusable. Many organizations have limited, if any, resources or funds to diagnose and repair hardware. A working computer system with a monitor, wiring and software licenses is usually the minimum an organization can use. Confirm with the organization that system meets its minimum computer requirements (e.g.. Pentium processor, Windows 95 or better, flat panel monitors).

If donation is not an option, businesses, civic organizations, municipalities, donation organizations, and households can send their end of life electronics for recycling.

Don't have a charity or know where to donate? Equity-E-Cycle will locate a child or family in need of a computer and donate the system for you.
What do I need to do to prepare my items for recycling?
It is important to prepare your items for recycling. For computer recycling the main concern is to erase all data from the computer before sending it off. Our best option for this is Hard Drive Destruction with a Certificate. For a small fee you can be certain. Equity-E-Cycle will provide documentation that the hard drive and all of your information was destroyed.