Recycling Telephone Systems, Phones,
and End of Life Product Management

If you are looking for a professional outlet for the recycling of your telephone system, then Equit-E-Cycle is your solution. We offer our clients a way to dispose of unwanted or redundant and valueless telecom equipment in an R-2 or ISO certified environmentally safe manner. Our commitment to the environment extends beyond the collection and recycling of the equipment. It also addresses the responsible management of the technology and equipment at the end of its life cycle through utilization of environmentally responsible processes. These processes reduce the negative impact to the environment. In a little over a year Equit-E-Cycle has prevented over 1.5 million pounds of electronic waste from going to landfills across the nation.
Is there a cost for recycling telecom equipment?
There are 3 scenarios in providing recycling services for Telecom and IT related electronic goods.
  1. Free recovery and recycling of Telecoms equipment
    A free recovery happens when there is sufficient second hand value in the items being recovered to cover the cost of time, labor, freight and any other recycling requirements.
  2. Part paid - Part charged recovery and recycling of Telecom equipment
    This occurs when there is some value in the telephones and or systems being recovered for recycling but not sufficient to cover the cost of time, labor, freight and other recycling requirements. Therefore the difference is charged to the client.
  3. A charged recovery for recycling Telecoms equipment
    A full charge would be applied when there is NO value in the items being recovered for recycling under an EPA environmentally safe manner. All items would be removed and destroyed accordingly.
Charges vary dependant upon:
  • Geographical position
  • Where and how the system is installed (e.g. are telephone technicians needed to remove from site)
  • The amount of labor and work force required to remove the equipment safely from site
  • The cost of freight to ship the equipment to one of our hammer mill locations
  • It is now illegal for any business or local authority to dispose of any electronic equipment via the local landfill.
What type of telecom equipment do you process?
We process all types of telecom and IT equipment. Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Mitel, Pollycom, Extreme, Toshiba, and many other brands of Telecom and IT equipment.
Please telephone us on 251-415-3802 for further information
on recycling telecom equipment